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the vaxrv gets a tech update
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

I returned home last night to find all my Amazon toys arrived. I set about getting the new stuff installed before heading to work. The coolest new addition has got to be the Cradlepoint 3g router which I got off amazon for about the same price as a usual home router, but its wayyyyy better for mobile applications. It doesnt take hardly any power (and can easily be ran on 12v) It accepts most 3g/4g usb modems and then routes the signal into wifi. It can have a guest and a protected network so you can have one for filesharing/printer sharing and one for friends to pop on when you have guests. It also allows you to take another wifi network signal and use it as your internet source (which was a unique feature and one of the reasons I got it besides enabling sharing my 3g modem). You can even use its built in RJ-45 lan port to network a desktop in, or you can use it to plug in a cable or dsl modem or other internet source.

All those features in a router thats a little bigger than a deck of playing cards. Its pretty amazing and its got alot of bells and whistles built into the netbased setup interface, you can even enable gps tracking/logging/ and periodic reporting in standard GPS formats, which is particularly of interest to me since it will be in the rv and could enable even more geolocation possibilites for the blog.

Here it is mounted on the wall net to the couch (which yes, still needs a paintjob, BAD)


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